Sanitizing Hand Gel

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Alcohol hand gel instantly kills germs on contact without washing!

Manufactured by American Dental Supply, Inc. in Allentown, PA

Hands feel silky soft, cool and dry.

Convenient gel formula easy to use with no mess.

Contains skin conditioners. Non-greasy.

Just place a small amount of gel into hand, rub hands together until dry.

No rinsing or towels needed. Convenient counter top pump dispenser.

Studies have shown the following:
“Alcohol-based handrub rapidly kills most bacteria and viruses (Sandora et al., 2005).
May be considered to be as effective as medicated soap (Girou et al., 2002).
Contains emollients, which are less drying and damaging to the skin (Larson et al., 2005).
It is believed that handwashing removes lipids from the skin, whereas alcohol-based handrub only redistributes them (Kampf et al., 2002; Huber et al., 2006).”
Retrieved from Munoz-Figueroa, G. P., & Ojo, O. (2018). The effectiveness of alcohol-based gel for hand sanitising in infection control. British Journal of Nursing, 27(7), 382-388.


16 oz, 1 Gallon


Unscented, Green Apple