Safety Scrub

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Powerful Cleaning Action: Residual bacteriostatic protection steadily increases with regular use.

Reduces skin microflora at least 50% after one application.

Recommended for your lab or office infection control program.

Non-irritating, gentle for repeated use.

Formulated with emollients for soft silky skin.

Effective in hard water. Pleasant floral scent.

Proven Effectiveness: Contains a laboratory tested, broad spectrum, antimicrobial agent.

Effective against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria as well as fungi and yeasts.

Recommended as a component of any infection control program.

Clinical studies in large medical institutions overwhelmingly supports the use of alcohol based handrub gels and antimicrobial soaps which reduce infection and kill deadly viruses and bacteria.

“Hand hygiene with soap and water has been proven to be effective; it potentially reduces episodes of diarrhea by 31% (Ejemot-Nwadiaro et al., 2015), reduces incidence of respiratory infections in community settings by 21% (Aiello et al., 2008) and kills spore-forming pathogens (WHO, 2018a).”

Munoz-Figueroa, G. P., & Ojo, O. (2018). The effectiveness of alcohol-based gel for hand sanitising in infection control. British Journal of Nursing, 27(7), 382-388.


16 oz, 1 Gallon